The ILEETA Webcasts

ILEETA Conference – Emerson Hour
The Emerson Hour is a dynamic, innovative 60 minute program featuring six of ILEETA’s premiere trainers with no Power Point, video or even a flip chart, just content. The 2018 Emerson Hour was sponsored by Virtual Academy. Click the button below to view these webcasts and stay tuned for more!
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A Sample of the ILEETA Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a series of 60 minute interviews with ILEETA Conference presenters discussing the key teaching point takeaways from their conference presentation. These interviews are packed with great content and created to serve as  weekly professional development training for ILEETA members.
If you are not yet an ILEETA member then check out the Learning Lab interview below. After listening to the interview be sure to click on the link to “Join Now” and gain full access to all the Learning Lab interviews as well as a host of other Member Benefits and discounts.
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This special edition of the ILEETA Learning Lab is a special bonus edition by ILEETA Member Andy Casavant – Robert Peel’s 9 Policing Principles: Are they applicable to 21st Century Policing?  We offer it for public viewing so that trainers considering ILEETA membership can see an example of what ILEETA membership offers.  Click below to hear this interview
Learning Lab

ILEETA Membership Brochure and Application

ILEETA Membership Brochure and Application please share this with other trainers and educators
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