Member Benefits

ILEETA members have the opportunity to network with trainers from around the world. Additionally, active members receive the following list of ILEETA member benefits. Members can find discounts codes behind the ILEETA member gateway. If you are an active ILEETA member and need more information about obtaining your member benefits, click the button below:
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The ILEETA Learning Lab

is an opportunity to hear a course synopsis an interview with instructors from the ILEETA Conference with ILEETA Deputy Executive Director, Brian Willis. You must be an active ILEETA member to access this resource. Click here to be directed to the Learning Lab home page to sign in.

ILEETA Webcasts featuring The Emerson Hour

is a dynamic, innovative 60 minute program featuring six of ILEETA’s premiere trainers who deliver their presentations with no Power Point, video or flip chart, just content. The 2019 Emerson Hour was sponsored by Virtual Academy.

Blauer Tactical Training

Discounted tuition for training from

Reid and Associates

Discounted tuition


The ILEETA Digest

FREE subscription to ILEETA’s official quarterly periodical, The ILEETA Digest, which is sent to all members, with NO advertising. Click HERE for a sample.

The ILEETA e-Bulletin

FREE subscription to The ILEETA e-Bulletin, which is periodically sent to members via e-mail and includes timely news, training resources and association information.

The ILEETA Journal

FREE subscription to The ILEETA Journal. Click HERE for a sample.

POLICE magazine

FREE subscription to POLICE magazine.

Police and Security News

FREE subscription to Police and Security News.


$1,000 death benefit paid to family of any ILEETA member who dies or is killed in the line of duty.
Renewal dues waived for any ILEETA member deployed on active military duty outside their home country’s borders.
Availability of trainer’s liability insurance designed for ILEETA members.

Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union (serving the members of ILEETA). Alliant Credit Union delivers simple and smart services to help you reach your financial goals. Unlike banks, Alliant returns profits to its members through higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and fewer fees. And they make it easy to bank with 24/7 account access and member services.

Product Discounts

First Tactical

ILEETA has partnered with First Tactical to bring members a 32% discount. The discount link and code are provided behind the member gateway.


Triggersafe™ is a unique, innovative, patent pending device designed to safely and completely cover the trigger of AR-15 rifles. It was intended for times such as training, range time, dry handling, hunting, competition, transportation, storage and many others to help avoid negligent or accidental discharges. Triggersafe is now offering ILEETA members a 40% discount for online purchases. The discount code can be found behind the member gateway.

Warson Brands

Warson Brands is offering a discount to all ILEETA members on all Reebok Duty brand boots and footwear. Visit the ILEETA member gateway to learn more about how to receive this discount.


MantisX is a breakthrough firearms training system that provides real-time feedback and diagnostics to improve shooting mechanics. MantisX is now offering a discount to all ILEETA members. Details on this offer can be found behind the member gateway.


DART is a next-generation firearms training system for law enforcement built on the principles of portability, affordability, capability, and ease of use. For a limited time, Digimation is offering ILEETA members a 50% discount on the DART Trace. Visit the ILEETA member gateway for further information.


ShotKam is a valuable training aid that will help improve marksmanship while simultaneously saving on ammunition costs! ShotKam is offering an exclusive discount to ILEETA members. Please visit the ILEETA member gateway to learn more about this discount.

First-Light USA

First-Light USA creates hands-enabling professional-grade lighting solutions for law enforcement professionals and military operators. First-Light is offering ILEETA members a discount on any First-Light USA purchase. Additional information about this discount can be found behind the member gateway.

RedMan Training Gear

For a limited time ONLY, RedMan Training Gear is pleased to offer ILEETA members an exclusive discount on the XP Student Suit and the WDS Student Suit and Striking Shield. Visit the ILEETA members ONLY section to find out more about this special offer. Copyright 2018 RedMan Training Gear is a registered trademarks of Macho Products, Inc. was build from the ground up to serve first responders, law enforcement officers, military personnel and other members of the public safety community. Since 2004, has been outfitting the professionals who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving with apparel, equipment and footwear from industry giants. Log into the member gateway for more information about and their ILEETA discount program.

Fist Training Equipment

Fist Training Equipment will offer ILEETA Members a 5% discount on their products. Please enter coupon code: 6-ILEETA in the coupon space provided on the website to receive your discount.

Tuition Discounts

Columbia Southern University

Waiver of application fee and 10% tuition discount for Columbia Southern University’s on-line degree programs (

Trident University at AIU

Our EdActive™ Learning Approach is designed with the flexibility you need. This unique model promotes active, case-based learning as opposed to standard test taking methods. Trident is 100% online, high quality, flexible and affordable and offers Certificates, Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs. ILEETA members and their families receive tuition savings of up to 26%. To learn more contact or go online to:

Herzing University

Herzing University is pleased to provide an exciting civic-oriented education opportunity for ILEETA members called the Badge-to-Grad Scholarship Program. This scholarship is designed to improve the professional and personal lives of our local, state, and federal public safety professionals. This scholarship offers a tuition reduction of nearly 40% on undergraduate programs and nearly 20% on graduate degrees and grants over a year of college credit for having attended approved law enforcement academy training. Through our scholarship program, we can help departments meet training skills needed for their officers.

New England College of Business

New England College of Business, founded in 1909 is the oldest college dedicated to educating working professionals and is 100% online. We are proud to offer lLEETA members and immediate family a 25% tuition discount toward undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs. To complement continued training and development, managers are eligible to one complimentary course option, Principles of Management. This course is available at no-cost to leaders who have been within their current position 12 months or less and will be awarded 3 credits toward the completion of their degree.

Northcentral University

Northcentral University is the premier nonprofit provider of online graduate education for adults. The flexibility of online learning makes it ideal for working professionals. No need to miss work for classes – you complete your readings and assignments when it works for you. You can overlap courses to complete your program faster or take one course at a time. Our online experience is unlike any other. At Northcentral, you will interact one-on-one with your professors, receiving meaningful feedback and direction on assignments and research projects. Every program, except for Marriage and Family Therapy, is 100% online, meaning you’ll never have to commute or travel for classes. With no group assignments, you schedule your studies around your time and no one else’s. NCU offers over 50 programs in business, technology, education, psychology, social work, health sciences, marriage and family therapy, and, soon, law. Each program has numerous professionally relevant specializations.
Northcentral University is proud to offer current ILEETA members, spouses and direct dependents the opportunity to earn a quality online degree from Northcentral University at a preferred tuition rate that is 10% less than the current published tuition rate*. Please visit  to start on your education journey.

Liberty University

Liberty University is proud to provide you with education benefits, enabling you to follow your dream and pursue your goals. With over 250 online degree programs to choose from at the certificate to the doctoral level, we are confident you will receive an affordable, accessible, and quality degree. As a Liberty University affiliate you are eligible for a 15% tuition discount on any degree program of any length. It is an honor to serve you in this way and we are thankful for the opportunity to come alongside you in this journey. Please do not hesitate to reach out to LUORecruitment@Liberty.Edu with any questions or concerns, or visit, Details and discount codes can be found behind the ILEETA member gateway.

The California School of Forensic Studies (CSFS)

The California School of Forensic Studies (CSFS) is where forensic scholarship and psychological practice come together to provide a comprehensive education in forensic studies. As part of CSFS, California Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Behavioral Science, Public Safety and Justice is dedicated to training rigorously educated professionals who impact society, public opinion, and police by applying science int he service of preventing, investigating, and mitigating conflict and violence.
CSFS at Alliant International University is a proud partner of ILEETA. Through this partnership, members benefit from a 10% tuition savings and an Application Fee Waiver when enrolling as a new Alliant student in our online degree programs and Advanced Practice Certificates. For more information please contact

California Coast University

California Coast University was designed for you – the perfect balance of flexibility and affordability. We have 40+ degrees and certificates to help you advance your career and achieve your goals. CCU offers academic credit for professional training and work experience. If you are looking to save time and money by taking self-paced courses online, we are here for you. For ILEETA members, CCU is offering an exclusive 10% tuition discount. Visit the ILEETA member gateway for the discount code. For more information please contact
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