Conference Registration Instructions

Register Online – Current Member:

Active ILEETA members can register for the 2025 ILEETA International Training Conference and Expo by clicking here. You will be required to sign in with your email and password.


Register Online – New Member:

To attend the 2025 ILEETA International Training Conference and Expo individuals must be an active ILEETA member. Non members must first apply for ILEETA membership by clicking here. A confirmation email and temporary password will be emailed to all applicants.

Once ILEETA has reviewed and approved the membership, a second email will be sent to the applicant. After the approval email has been received individuals can sign in with their username and password to register for the conference.

Click here to register today for the 2025 ILEETA Conference.

Please note all applicants must receive an email indicating their membership application has been approved before they can register for the conference.


Mail Registration:

Download the 2024 ILEETA Conference Registration form here. After you’ve downloaded the form and opened it in Acrobat Reader, you can either fill it in with your computer and print it, or you can print it and then fill it in by hand. If you choose to complete it by hand, please clearly print all information on this form. Be as accurate as possible when completing the form, since this information is used to maintain your membership records along with your membership certificate and membership identification card. Email completed registration form to

Current members need not complete the membership application section.



Call ILEETA at 262-767-1406 OR email

Download Registration Form