Who We Are

Our Mission

ILEETA is a fraternal association of professional trainers and educators dedicated to the continuing improvement of the effectiveness of criminal justice practitioners, as well as enhancing their safety and the communities they serve. We are an organization of peers with no rank or hierarchy.
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Why You Should Join ILEETA

ILEETA seeks to share knowledge and skills among its thousands of members to help you provide better instruction to those you serve. We do not seek best practices but are instead always in search of better practices to continually evolve our profession. Whether you are newly assigned to training or have decades of experience, you will find value in belonging to ILEETA.
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Membership Elibility

Membership in ILEETA is select. You must be involved in the delivery of education or training to the criminal justice community by being an educator, trainer, or supervisor or manager of criminal justice education or training. There are no associate members, student members, nor can just any law enforcement officer or criminal justice professional become a member. Certifications, licenses or a letter of reference from a criminal justice agency can be provided to meet this requirement.
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