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ILEETA is a fraternal association of criminal justice trainers and educators formed in 2003 by Ed Nowicki. We strive to continually improve criminal justice training through the sharing of knowledge and skills. We accomplish this through networking, publications, our Learning Lab and other resources, as well as our annual conference that is the largest gathering of criminal justice trainers in the world. ILEETA membership includes a variety of member benefits and a corporate sponsor program. Membership is limited to persons who are engaged in criminal justice education and training. ILEETA is a Florida registered LLC.
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ILEETA exists to assist and promote the exchange of knowledge and skills or trainers and educators. We also provide a variety of member benefits. Members come from a diverse range of study and experience in both the private and public sectors. To qualify for membership you must be involved in the delivery of education or training to the criminal justice community by being an educator, trainer, author, or supervisor or manager of criminal justice education or training.
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ILEETA utilizes a member management system called Wild Apricot that allows for online membership application, automatically notifies members of pending renewals and provides invoices, and online registration and instructor proposals for the annual ILEETA Conference. By accessing your member profile, you can find your next renewal date, update your personal information on file, and confirm registration for an ILEETA event.
This system uses your preferred email address as your username and a member selected password. If you have forgotten your password just click forgot password and a new temporary one will be emailed to your preferred email address. If you are having difficulty receiving our emails, please make sure ILEETA@wildapricot.org is listed as a safe sender in your email software.
If you have other questions of problems accessing your profile contact the ILEETA office and info@ileeta.org or call 262-767-1406.
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