ILEETA Publications Submission Guidelines

The ILEETA Journal

The ILEETA Journal is the premier quarterly publication dedicated to enhancing the skills, knowledge, and effectiveness of law enforcement trainers and educators. By contributing to the ILEETA Journal, you have the opportunity to share your expertise, influence the law enforcement community, and support the continuous improvement of training standards. The journal features in-depth articles, case studies, and reviews on crucial topics such as use of force, officer survival, instructor development, and more.

For the first 30 days after publication, the ILEETA Journal is publicly available, allowing your insights to reach a wide audience. After this period, access is restricted to ILEETA members who can log in to download the journal. With each release announced to over 7,000 contacts, your contribution will gain significant visibility and impact. Writing for the ILEETA Journal not only supports your peers but also enhances your professional reputation and leadership in law enforcement training.

Editorial Team:

Managing Editor: Kerry Avery

Officer Safety & Use of Force: Brian Hill

Instructor Development: Dan Fraser

LE Environment & Health and Wellness: Kim Schlau

Publication Guidelines

The ILEETA Journal relies on contributions from its members to maintain its high-quality content. Your expertise and experience are what make ILEETA a unique and vital association. We encourage all members to share their knowledge by submitting articles.

Types of Publications:

The ILEETA Journal: A quarterly publication covering topics such as use of force, officer survival, instructor development, and reviews of resources. Articles should be 400-1,000 words and oriented towards trainers. Submissions should be sent to Kerry Avery at

Submission Guidelines:

To streamline the publication process and maintain consistency, please follow these guidelines:

Proofread Your Submission:

    • Carefully review your spelling and grammar.
    • Print your article and proofread it from the printed copy, ideally twice with a time lapse between readings.
    • Have at least one other person proofread your article.
    • Read your article out loud to catch any errors in grammar and phrasing.
    • Ensure your article makes sense and clearly conveys your intended message.

Responsibility for Content:

Authors are responsible for fact-checking their submissions and ensuring the accuracy of information and opinions.

Formatting Requirements:

    • Submit your article in Microsoft Word® format.
    • Use 1-inch margins, double-spaced text, 12-point Arial font, and black text only.
    • Use the standard bullet command in Word for bulleted lists; avoid using asterisks (*) for bullets.
    • Left justify paragraphs without indenting the first line. Do not use tabs or spaces to indent.
    • Avoid using extra spaces or tabs to align text; use formatting commands for centering or right justifying text.
    • Do not insert extra lines between paragraphs.
    • Avoid underlining, boldface, italics, or ALL-CAPS unless absolutely necessary.
    • Do not format your article into columns or add page/section breaks.

Graphics and Images:

    • Add clipart, pictures, or graphics at the end of the article. If specific placement is needed, provide a “Note to the Editor.”
    • Avoid resizing small images to fit as this may affect quality.
    • Remove hyperlinks from inserted graphics by right-clicking and selecting “Remove hyperlink.”
    • Be mindful of copyright issues and provide credits where necessary. ILEETA reserves the right to edit or substitute graphics.

Bio Submission:

Include a short bio (50-60 words) in the third person, highlighting relevant experience and qualifications. End with your email address. ILEETA reserves the right to edit bios.

Thank you for contributing to the ILEETA Journal and supporting our mission to enhance law enforcement training. Your efforts help us maintain the high standards of our publications.

Please Note: ILEETA reserves the right to schedule publication as appropriate for the needs of the members of ILEETA. ILEETA also reserves the right to turn down any submission, at the discretion of the editors.