Scenario Based Insights | Duane Wolfe

Scenario Based Insights from Duane Wolfe

This insight from ILEETA Member, Duane Wolfe delves into the essence of reality-based training (RBT) for law enforcement, highlighting the critical need for instructors to adapt their methods to the dynamic nature of real-world scenarios.

Emphasizing the diversity in officer responses and the pitfalls of rigid training approaches, Wolfe advocates for a shift towards fostering sound judgment and tactical flexibility. He draws on his personal experiences, industry from other members, and comments of social media users to underscore the importance of continuous learning and humility in refining how we conduct scenario based training. This is a poignant reminder for trainers to prioritize realism, adaptability, and ongoing self-improvement in preparing officers for the challenges they may encounter.

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Scenario Based Insights – Duane Wolfe