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Information for Persons Submitting a 2024 ILEETA Conference Proposal

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The International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) will conduct its 2024 International Training Conference and Expo at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel in St. Louis, MO on March 18-23, 2024. Developed for criminal justice instructors, this conference has a two-pronged focus: keeping officers alive and safe from harm, and improving instructional delivery to criminal justice professionals.
We are actively seeking presentation proposals for this conference. Along with the scheduled training tracks, we will also be hosting a number of specialized instructor certification programs and armorer courses. There will be eight training tracks; Instructor/Armorer Certification, Instructor Development, Management & Administration of Training, Officer Safety/Use of Force, Firearms Training/Deadly Force, Live Fire Firearms Training, Defensive Tactics and Other Specialized Topics. You must be an ILEETA member in good standing to instruct at an ILEETA conference.
Members whose proposals are selected will automatically be registered for the conference and their tuition waived.
Courses of 2 and 4 hours, (actually 1:45 and 3:45 in length) are the most popular with conference attendees.  The shorter training blocks permit them more flexibility in planning their conference.  Only two hour blocks of training are repeated. Generally 8 hour blocks of training are reserved for certification and armorer courses or courses involving off site instruction.
Courses specifically requested for 2024 by ILEETA members at the 2023 conference include: Remington 870 armorer, 1911 armorer, off duty encounters, interpersonal communication, de-escalation techniques, body worn cameras, pre-attack indicators, detecting terrorists, NARCAN, legal updates, crowd control, emotionally/mentally disturbed persons, media relations, creating a multi-agency shooting review team, EVOC, leadership, FTO/PTO, less lethal, PowerPoint for new trainers, excited delirium, expert testimony, use of force report writing, C.I.T. training, early warning systems, community policing/relations.
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All proposal submissions will be completed using our online system.
To submit a proposal click here . Please read the instructions completely. You will receive a confirmation email of your proposal submission(s). We generally only select one proposal per member. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us at or call our office at 262-767-1406.
Please note the character limits for course title, course description and primary instructor bio. Although the form may accept more characters, when we download the data we will include only the number of characters and spaces indicated. Please use proper capitalization and DO NOT USE ALL CAPS LIKE THIS.

Certification/Armorer Courses:

Certifications are provided by the instructor and not ILEETA. Conference registration fees will be waived for one primary instructor. Certification courses should provide the attendee with the ability to teach a specific topic or skill. Armorer courses certify the participant’s ability to perform maintenance and repairs to a specific weapon. Attendees should be evaluated for such competency. ILEETA will register all attendees for certification/armorer courses and provide a spreadsheet with names and contact information to the instructor. A fee may be charged which is to help defray the cost of certification materials provided to the attendee but this is not required. Such fees shall be collected by the instructor or point of contact. The instructor may also wish to provide materials/instruction/reading to attendees in advance of the course in order to save valuable time in the classroom.

Live Fire Firearms Training:

ILEETA will register attendees and utilize a lottery if there are more registrants than available slots.

Safety Equipment:

Mats will be standard for all defensive tactics courses. Attendees will be advised to bring appropriate protective gear and training equipment for the type of courses they intend to attend. ILEETA’s resources of training guns, knives, batons, etc. are very limited.


If the course involves the use of projectiles (e.g. Airsoft), it is most likely we will be unable to offer it at the host hotel. Keep in mind that offsite facilities are limited and require transportation expenses.


ILEETA will have available LCD projectors with both VGA and HDMI connection capability. If your laptop uses another type of connection you will need to bring an adapter. All our projectors come with speaker systems, surge strip and extension cords.

Secondary instructors:

Secondary instructors may be approved if the primary instructor describes a need that will aid in competing instructional objectives or safety. Generally these will be classes requiring hands on activities such as defensive tactics or live fire. If approved and if an ILEETA member, the secondary instructor will also be registered for the conference and receive a conference tuition waiver.

Digital Handouts:

In order to help attendees use what they learn from the course, handout materials are essential. ILEETA will provide a web link containing PowerPoint’s, lesson plans, articles and other documents and files to all attendees. There will be no other duplication of handout materials by ILEETA. All selected proposals shall submit at a minimum a course outline for inclusion in the digital handout. Deadline for submission of such files is February 15, 2024. Files should be e-mailed to Steve Ashley at and are limited to 200 MB. Files can also be mailed to the ILEETA office on a CD provided they arrive by the due date.