SMART Technologies

Having introduced the original SMART Board® in 1987, we have continuously pioneered technological advancements, focusing on meaningful connections. Our globally trusted interactive displays and software solutions, embraced by educators, students, and business leaders, now extend their impact to public safety agencies.

At the forefront of fostering interaction and collaboration, our technology represents a game-changer for public safety agencies. Gone are the days of passive information sharing; our solutions empower agencies to actively engage, leaving their mark within files rather than relying solely on on-screen sharing.

SMART Board® interactive displays enables dynamic training experiences that facilitate information sharing and quick response to emerging situations. In training scenarios, where realistic engagement is crucial, our tools help communicate ideas, maximize participation, and ensure recruits retain essential information. In the field, whether collaborating on a case or coordinating emergency responses, speed and clarity are paramount. Our interactive displays provide an easy tool to annotate materials, capture vital information in real-time, and seamlessly integrate with conferencing platforms, facilitating informed decision-making for success. This instant transformation of reviews, from maps and camera footage to photographs, emails, and documentation, promotes hands-on, collaborative information sharing for efficient teamwork.