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Preview a Sample Course on Officer Involved Shootings (OIS)

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This course is designed to help public safety officers:
Describe how human performance factors may affect recall of an incident
Summarize evidence-based principles of OIS basic protocol
Identify techniques to improve recall accuracy

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“Major Court Decisions Influencing Law Enforcement and Corrections Today” by David Salmon, Administrator for OSS Academy and Tennessee Law Enforcement and Corrections Training Center
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Relias Learning provides online training and reporting for law enforcement and corrections agencies to help mitigate risk and liability. With the ability to create/upload your own courses, you can create custom training plans and track and report on all training, including live events. Quickly show proof of compliance by printing reports when requested during a lawsuit or audit.
Developed with subject matter experts in the field, Relias Learning offers 250+ public safety courses holding state and national accreditation and approvals. Course topics offered include:
Use of force
Patrol operations
Professional skills and development

Our easy-to-use system includes:

Role-Specific Content: access to online courses anytime, anywhere
Policies & Procedures Tool: administer and track policies and training
Performance Tool: provide your staff feedback
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For agencies looking for Law Enforcement Training

Relias Learning provides agencies with a comprehensive learning management system (LMS).
An LMS is a training solution that helps automate, manage, and track all your agency’s training needs, including:
Assigning curriculum
Completing regulatory training
Providing Continuing Education opportunities
Staying compliant
Producing reports for auditors
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For individuals looking for courses for personal use

Ideal for individuals who want to take courses and manage their own learning or for small agencies (e.g., less than 10 people) to provide training for their staff:
Individual courses (approx. $10/contact hour)
Can purchase course “tokens” to provide to staff to take certain courses
Offers discounts for bulk purchases
Search courses available by keyword, topic, course name, accreditation type.
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