Online Advertising

Become a Marketing Partner with ILEETA

The ILEETA web site receives thousands of visitors each month from law enforcement professionals interested in obtaining information on how to keep their communities safe. These individuals recognize the importance of innovative product technology and specialized services. Although membership in ILEETA is selective, visitors can learn how to interact with the individuals responsible for developing the high quality training necessary to meet today’s challenges.

Reach a Qualified Audience

ILEETA members are involved in specifying, recommending and purchasing products and services used by law enforcement. If your advertising objective is to reach a qualified audience, the ILEETA web site can deliver results. A dynamic banner advertisement is the most effective way to capture the attention of visitors. Let us help you build brand awareness, brand preference and drive traffic to your web site.
Banner and Skyscraper positions are available with a minimum schedule.
For more information contact Mary Grace Barbye, Director of Sales and Marketing, Phone: 856-223-5437 or Email: