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Call for Proposals for #ILEETA2025 – Best Practices

The Call for Proposals for #ILEETA2025 is open! Click here when you are ready to submit your proposal Are you considering submitting a course proposal for the 2025 ILEETA Conference? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you craft a compelling and successful proposal based on a class developed by Harvey Hedden. ILEETA encourages everyone to submit course proposals, focusing on what you do particularly well and exploring innovative subject areas. The ILEETA Conference and Expo is the largest gathering of international law enforcement trainers in the world and draws hundreds of law enforcement training stakeholders from numerous countries each year. To present at the ILEETA Conference is an opportunity to offer the profession your perspective in your area of expertise.  About 120 courses are offered during the week-long conference in 11 subject areas. This is the perfect opportunity to share some insight and gather feedback from some of the world’s top trainers. Key Points to Consider: If you are going to submit a proposal, consider these key points. Only Instructor-Oriented Proposals Will Be Selected:  Ensure the subject is instructor-oriented. The ILEETA Conference & Expo is an instructors’ conference, so your proposal should clearly articulate how instructors will benefit from attending your course. Think about what attendees will take back to their agencies; the best courses provide participants with actionable information or tools they can implement at their agency. No infomercials; presenting at the ILEETA Conference is not an opportunity to sell a product or promote a specific course. Instructors affiliated with private sector training companies are still encouraged to submit proposals. To make your ILEETA course more beneficial, highlight one or two key outcomes from your best-selling course or share valuable information typically reserved for paid attendees. Offering genuine value will quickly enhance your reputation and fill your second class, while promoting products or services will likely deter participants and leave your second session empty. Subject Areas / Tracks: To keep things organized we currently have 11 topic areas you will be asked to align your proposal with. This helps attendees select courses and helps organizers deconflict schedules and ensure classes do not interfere with each other. Active Shooter – The Active Shooter Subject area at the ILEETA Conference focuses on equipping law enforcement officers with the latest knowledge and skills to effectively respond to active shooter and hostile events. This subject area includes courses that cover a range of essential topics, such as identifying lessons learned from past incidents, understanding current best practices in Active Threat Response. Additionally, courses taught in this subject area offer insights into prioritizing and assessing critical shooting skills, implementing cost-effective live-fire scenario training, and enhancing officer wellness and community partnerships. With a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, this subject area aims to improve the preparedness and effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in handling active threat situations. Armorer – The Armorer subject area at the ILEETA Conference provides comprehensive training for law enforcement and military personnel on the maintenance, repair, and operational procedures […]